Education & Awareness

Alexa’s Hope provides education and creates awareness of the need for more registered organ donors in several ways, including but not limited to the following:

Art for Awareness – watercolor art by Monica Kersting
There are 3 angel prints and greeting cards available for purchase to remind us of the precious gift of life. The first is Donate Life, painted in honor of donors and donor families who gave the ultimate gift at life’s end. The second is Gift of Life, painted in honor of all recipients who are ever so grateful for a second chance at life. Finally, Hope for Life was painted in honor of all those awaiting the precious gift of life. (To order go to and search “Monica Kersting”.

Fargo Marathon – GoFarCharity
For the 4th consecutive year Alexa’s Hope will be one of the GoFarCharities participating in the Fargo Marathon. Every year we have added more participants to our team, and they are spreading the word.

Health Expo
Also for the 4th consecutive year, Alexa’s Hope will have a presence at the Health Expo that takes place at the Fargodome during the Fargo Marathon. A lot of interest has been generated at our booth and it has been another wonderful venue for creating awareness, providing accurate, up-to-date information, and promoting organ donation registration.

Sharing Alexa’s Story
Monica and Loren have shared Alexa’s story on national, regional, and local levels. Across the nation, Alexa has become “The Face of Those Who are Waiting”. Monica and Loren have inspired and moved the organ donation and transplantation community forward in setting and achieving higher goals.