Who can register in Alexa’s Hope “Give to Live” Challenge Guinness World Record® Official Attempt?

  • North Dakota residents who do not already have “DONOR” on their Driver’s License or state ID CAN register.
  • Residents from other states CAN register, whether or not they have “DONOR” on their Driver’s License or state ID and count toward the Guinness World Record.
  • You must be 18 or older to register in the challenge.
  • North Dakota residents who have “DONOR” on their Driver’s License or state ID cannot register but CAN volunteer and recruit people who are not donors. Sign up to volunteer, today. 

Commonly Asked Questions: 

Question: If I’m already a donor in a state other than North Dakota, why should I participate in the Guinness World Record Official Attempt in Fargo? Am I not already a donor?

Answer: Yes, you are a donor. The Guinness World Record’s guidelines allow us to count people from all states other than the state in which the attempt is being made (North Dakota). So, your participation is important because:

    • The Guinness World Record Official Attempt provides a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the very real need for more registered organ donors.
    • When attention is focused on a cause (the need for more registered donors), most people will do what they can to be part of the solution, especially when it’s as simple as checking a box.
    • It encourages those who are not registered in any state to step forward and join those who are.
    • It counts toward setting a new Guinness World Record and bringing the title back to the United States.
    • If we bring the record back to the United States, it will encourage other states to increase their donor registration rates using the same method. The result? More registered donors.

Question: “I registered online but I don’t have “Donor” on my license. Am I a donor? Can I register on November 23rd?

Answer: “Yes, you are already a donor. You also can participate in the challenge for the same reasons as indicated above, no matter what state you live in. For this particular challenge, we are only looking at the physical Driver’s Licenses or IDs. We are not checking online registrations.

Bottom Line: If you could save a life, would you? Your participation will highlight the tremendous need for donors and at the end of the day we will register more people as new donors and we will save lives!

To break the record, we must process at least eight sign-ups per minute during the eight hour period. Download the registration form in advance to help us speed up the process.