Alexa’s Hope is attempting to break the official GUINNESS World Record® for the most people to sign-up as organ donors in an 8-hour period on November 23rd. We need help from all of our supporters to make this event possible.

One question we have been asked a lot lately is: “What if I am already a registered North Dakota donor, is there a way I can still help?” The answer to this question is yes! There are many different ways to help break the record, even if you are already a registered organ donor in North Dakota.


If you are already a North Dakota registered donor, but are interested in participating in this event, volunteer your time for a great cause! There are many open volunteer positions that need to be filled throughout the day at the FargoDome, the Fargo Air Museum and the Fargo Coliseum. To register as a volunteer for this event, click here.

Utilize Social Media:

Social media is a great way to spread the news about an event of this size, and we need your help to spread the word. An easy way to do this is by utilizing all the social media sites you are actively using to inform your friends, family and colleagues about this life-changing event.

Like the Facebook Page

Like the Alexa’s Hope Facebook page for more information on the event. While you are at it, invite your friends to like the Facebook page as well. The more people who know about the event, the more successful the event will be, and the Facebook page is a great place to stay up to date with the event.

RSVP to the Facebook Event

RSVP to the Facebook event to get updates on the #GivetoLive Challenge occurring on November 23rd.  Invite your friends to the event in order to get a better idea of who is going to be attending the event. Remember, we need 4,136+ individuals to sign up in order to break the record.

Follow the Alexa’s Hope Twitter Account

Follow the Alexa’s Hope Twitter account for news and information regarding Alexa’s Hope and the Give to Live challenge via Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #GivetoLive and retweet interesting content for your followers to see!

Follow the Alexa’s Hope Instagram Account

Follow the Alexa’s Hope Instagram account for pictures from the events and planning sessions leading up to the Guinness World Record event. We will also be sharing stories of those who have donated or have received an organ or tissue donation. These stories are truly inspiring.

Encourage Friends to do the same!

Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to take part in spreading the news about Alexa’s Hope’s Give to Live challenge. The more we can get the word out about this event, the more successful the event will be!