How Students Can Help with the #GivetoLive Challenge! Posted November 13, 2013 by Administrator


Welcome to the Alexa’s Hope volunteer section. We thank you for your interest in supporting our life-saving cause! There are two basic ways that you can help us with the #GivetoLive Challenge today through November 23. You can help us raise awareness through social media and through volunteering. Are you up for the challenge?

Help with Social Media

Here are 10 simple ways you can help today!

1. Visit, Explore and Share the Alexa’s Hope Website.
2. Like the Facebook page. 
3. Share Facebook page.
4. Join the event on the Facebook page.
5. Invite/share the event with family and friends.
6. Follow us on Twitter and retweet posts to your followers.
7. Tweet about the challenge using the hashtag, #GivetoLive.
8. Follow us on Instagram.
9. Instagram about Alexa’s Hope and tagging your post with the hashtag, #GivetoLive.
10. Go on Vine and create your own video promoting awareness and tagging your post using the hashtag, #GivetoLive.

Help by Volunteering

Help us spread awareness for the #GivetoLive Challenge by volunteering at our Canvassing Event. 

When: November 16th from 10 am-2 pm.

Where: Check-in at the Schlossman YMCA on the north side near the shelter.

How: Sign up online.

Volunteer at the #GivetoLive Challenge on November 23. 

When: November 23. Time slots available from 9 am-5 pm, so you can pick the time the works best for you!

Where: FargoDome, Fargo Coliseum or the Fargo Air Museum.

How: Sign up online.

Volunteer information and requirements:

> Anyone willing and able can volunteer!
> The students younger than 18 need a permission slip that they can print out and bring to the check in at volunteering events. Download & Print Form Here. 
> All students should read and learn about the cause before sharing the information. Explore the Alexa’s Hope website and blog for more information.
> All students need to Check-in at the Schlossman YMCA on the north side near the parking shelter lot for the canvassing event on November 16, 2013 at 10:am.
>Please volunteer for the #GivetoLive Challenge and help break the Guinness Book Record for the most Donors registered in North Dakota. Remember, you don’t have to be from North Dakota to participate.